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How to replace it

1. Take the original pack from battery house and tear the insulator off the pack.

2. Tear the tape off and find the temp sensor out from the middle of the pack.

3. Use a 40 to 60W soldering iron, not soldering station as only soldering iron can create enough heat to handle this job, to desolder the temp sensor wire off the cell.

4. Use a screw driver to take the terminal off the cells. Please be gentle and slow!

5. Put the insulator back to the new pack.

6. Use sand paper to clean the 2 prongs then tin the bottom.MUST KEEP THE SOLDER AWAY FROM THE CONTACT AREA

7. Solder the sensor onto the new pack cell.

8.Solder the red wire to + prong and black wire to the – prong, and then put the sensor into the middle of the pack.

8.Put the finished pack into the housing, and then install 2 red clips. The last step is just put the house top on. Done!!

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