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How to replace it

1. Take the original pack from housing. Use a 40 to 60W soldering iron, not soldering station as only soldering iron can create enough heat to handle this job, to desolder the temp sensor wire off the cell.

2. Use a screw driver to take the terminal off the cells. Please be gentle and slow!

3. Pull the 2 sleeves off to find the 2 dark spacers out.

4. Take the 2 spacers out.

5.  Put the 2 spacer into the new pack, use electrical tape to wrap the 2 cylinders.

6. Use sand paper to clean the 2 prongs then tin the bottom.?MUST KEEP THE SOLDER AWAY FROM THE CONTACT AREA

7. Solder the sensor onto the new pack cell.

8.Solder the red wire to + prong and black wire to the – prong, and then put the sensor into the middle of the pack.


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