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Battery Rebuild For DeWalt DC9360 Li-ion

Battery Rebuild For DeWalt DC9360 Li-ion

SKU: ZZ(4L)DW-DC9360(4.0LI)
Battery rebuild for DeWalt DC9360

Model: dc9360

Battery Voltage: 36V

Capacity: 4AH

Battery Technology: Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)

This list is not for a battery but for battery rebuild service. You will have to ship your old battery to us after you make the order on ebay, we will use brand new battery cells to replace the old cells in your battery.

Verify your old battery is defective and not the tool or charger, as we only repair batteries.
If the battery case is cracked or broken, we will not fix it
*Package properly for transportation*
We only rebuild battery packs that we can open with a screwdriver
To help ensure that your battery is one that we will rebuild, only purchase matching brand & model numbers
Please send message to us if any question.
    Battery Pack x1 
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